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Description Presented here is a vast gallery of many different forms of Optical Illusions. Whether these optical illusions are conveyed through fractals, photographs, architecture, art, or old fashioned pen and ink, they are bound to remind you that "seeing is not believing."

Caution!!!! Some of the optical illusions on this blog may cause dizziness or possibly epileptic seizures. The latter happens when the brain can't handle the conflicting information from your two eyes. If you start feeling unwell when using this website, immediately cover one eye with your hand and then leave the page. Do not close your eyes because that can make the attack worse.
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Hidden in Plain Sight

This is the ultimate "Where's Waldo" type picture (2.5 Gigapixel Image). You can zoom in and count the bricks on some streets. What is the license plate of that car? How many people can you find? Can you find the large McDonalds sign mounted high on a pole for the travelers on the highway to see? Can anyone tell me what time it is? I saw a clock on a tower in the distance with the time clearly visible.

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TNO has produced the largest digital panoramic photo in the world. So, what do we mean by large? After all, modern consumer cameras can easily take a picture with 5 million pixels. Well, we are talking about a photo of completely different dimensions. One with 2.5 billion pixels - that's 500 times more pixels. If this photo were printed, it would measure 6.67 m by 2.67 m (300 dpi). The photograph shows Delft and its surroundings in the autumn of 2004. It was taken from the top of the Electrical Engineering faculty of Delft University, at a height of about 100 m, by TNO.


Anonymous said...

the time is 3:05 give or take a few min

Anonymous said...

really? The clock I saw was about 3:12

Anonymous said...

I found a Mc Donalds and an IKEA.

Walt said...

More than one clock visible?

GiGi said...

I found all of the listed items, however I was disappointed to find that this is not one picture but it is comprised of different frames (hence unequal line patching up and down the left section of the shot namely on the building at the lower part of the shot, people and vehicles were superimposed into the shot- you know you really do need the top of the vehicle or the bottom part of the persons bodies to make it look real). Still yet it was fun being able to zoom in like that. Oh by the way, the clock ion the Church steeple reads 3:05 and yes more than one clock is visible, I found three all on churches. I printed out each of the items found. Did anybody notice the windmill or the weird contraption in the back area behind the beige building? How about the ‘CODER’ graffiti? There are several license plates that can be read as well as people imposed or actual. It was great, though, I had Cool fun!

Folqueraine said...

Gigi is right, this picture wasn't taken in one shot. Either that or they caught a ghost! Look at this caption of the feetless man:

Jude said...

I couldn't access the bigger image :(
It seemed like a really fun thing to do as well, I was looking forward to it, but then the mean browser said it couldn't find the URL. WHY???

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