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7 Horses

If you came here looking for the answer to "Pintos" a painting by Bev Doolittle of horses in the snow click here.

This painting is by Jim Warren. It is an illusion of a different type. One the most enjoyable paper activities I did as a kid was the hidden picture puzzles. Find the seven horses in this picture and relive a little part of your childhood.

Click on the picture to find the answers on the artist's site.
While your there take a look around it is well worth the visit.

The artist had this to say about this painting
As a kid, I always enjoyed those drawings in activity books with the faces and animals hidden in it. But they were often too easy, even for your average half-witted 10 year old such as myself. So I painted "Seven Horses", where each horse is a little harder than the next to find, until the seventh, which is almost impossible unless you're Einstein, who is not alive. So if you find six, here is a hint for the seventh:
You didn't think I would quote his hint, did you?


umm u don need to know said...

i only found 4.

jj said...

i found 6
one in the sky, one in the water,one in the purple flowers,an indentation to the left of the purple flowers and an indentation in the moss on the left but i can't find the 7th.

jj said...

i also found the real horse, obviously.

Walt said...

If you go to the artist's site (by clicking on the image) he has his answer there. The horse you are missing is the one that left the hoof prints and is now longer in frame.

Anonymous said...

i found the seventh ha ha ha its in the sky made by the cloud and that little bird is the eye way to the umm right like the grass stuff outline it yay

Anonymous said...

love Jim Warren's web site. He has other optical illusion paintings that are enjoyable to see and fun to try to find the objects hidden in them.

Anonymous said...

well the seventh horse is obvious to me because see the hoof prints was one of the first things i noticed see if the painting was done farther out im sure there would be a horse that made those very hoof prints but all this came from the mind of 1 brilliant man Jim warren he is my hero me being a 11 year old i dont understand why people get aggravated by paintings b/c paintings even if somone else painted them can be any thing you want them to be

Anonymous said...

I saved the image then opened it up in a viewer... then applied some filter-effects to it (like sharpen, gamma-color adjust, zoom-in/out, etc (and don't forget to turn up the brightness and contrast controls on your monitor). This helped considerably. I don't wish to tell you were the horses are, but the author's clue is "you have to be SMART or CREATIVE or look at things from an UNIQUE perspective like Einstein to find the seventh".

As such... I found TEN HORSES! Ok, some of them are iffy, but no less iffy than what everyone else claims the seventh horse to be.

SPOILER HINTS: 1) Each horse you see only in part... and each one you see less and less of. 2) Each horse you see as a form... yet each successive one you see is more and more distorted.

None of the horses I saw are super-tiny, though some were quite distorted. So a magnifying glass isn't necessary, but probably would help you find even more horses the author/artist didn't even see/intend. In fact, zooming out was one of the more helpful things for me... that, and thinking like sherlock holmes.

Anonymous said...

PS -- The horses I seen (ten in total) were often seen in pairs. And yeah, most of of the ones I seen were the same as everybody else.

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