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Hand in the Monitor Optical Illusion

Of all of the transparent desktops created that were featured in the previous post this one was the most convincing. The desktop below is a very cleverly created optical illusion.

Many of the desktops used hands or arms to make the illusion of a transparent desktop real to the viewer. This is the only one that puts the hand into the picture from the front. All of the desktop creations in this flicker set make it a point of emphasizing that they were not photoshopped. I don't know if we can say the same of this creation.

How do you think this one illusion was accomplished? Could it have been done without photo manipulation? Could the calculator be real (or a real cut out picture) and hanging or propped up by something? I found this desktop here.

The truth is this was not photoshopped either. The calculator was just lanched in front of the background image of his hand. This was a very clever illusion indeed.


Anonymous said...

I have a theory: The fingers are on the wallpaper (the rest of that hand is covered by the real arm). The real arm, hand, and thumb (the real fingers bend backwards and are thus covered by the hand) are then in front.

Bil Simser said...

I see the same thing here. Hold your hand out in front of your face, towards your monitor with your fingers and thumb closed. Bend your fingers back so they're obscured by your palm and you can't see them anymore. That's the part that's real. The other is wallpaper with the same pose but fingers outstretched. Good trick.

Anonymous said...

Ummm actually, i think if you look at it, you see the angle of the arm in relation to the hand is kinda wierd. So my theory is the real hand is a fist hidden within the long sleeve sweater and the whole outstretched palm hand was taken and is the desktop as the palm ends where the monitor does and why he chose to wear really long sleeved itchy sweater. Man, i'm long winded!

Anonymous said...


Jon said...

i'm the one who posted first by the way.

the smarter one...

Walt said...

You are exactly right the hand is hiding in the sleeve.

Walt said...

The below comments previously archived on haloscan.com


The sweater is real; the wrist and hand are part of the background image..

very nice.

Pete | Homepage | 04.06.05 - 12:50 am | #


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