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Candle Flame Optical Illusion

This illusion was created by Stephan Uhlmann. There was no digital manipulation of this image in any way. I like the simplicity of this image, very nice.

You can find more photographs by Stephan here.

Candle Flame optical illusions image

Anyone want to venture a guess how this was accomplished?


Raine said...

it could be somethin stickin out the wall like a nail or wateva and they jus stuck the candel on it..and thats how it would stay....but then again the flamr would be pointing upward...i dont know....jus my opinion...holla

Walt said...

Rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise and you have how this photo was taken. The phone and book are stuck to the side.

Anonymous said...

if the phone was stuck to the side then the phone might not stay on the base but the cord is what suggests to me that the phone isn't on it's side because then all of the cord would be hanging more to the right ... it just seems off

Anonymous said...

There really is no flame at all because it would be in the shadow! But then again what is the flame? the base is probrobly a coat rack. It could be light reflecting off the Coat hook!

Phone Cam Guy said...

It looks like a battery operated LED candle to me.

ARAVIND said...

If U look carefully, U find that it is not a candle at all. Some light is made to reflect from the top of it
to give the illusion effect as candle and flame.

Nice photo.


adrian.schoultz said...

Pardon my (maybe) bad english

the light might have been painted or it is a hole on the wall making bright light from outside althought i dont think so. And it seems not that rotating is the answer because of the phone cable not hanging when you rotate picture. And btw lights does not make any shadows does it? And yes its probably a LED light or something because of not flaming upwards or at all it seems. Its probably a plastic candle or something because of the wax not dripping or smelting. Maybe the answer lies in directions the shadows? Cant find off anymore right now. Maybe something with the curvy walls/floor.

Hope this helps!

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