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Optical Illusion Stroller

Here is an optical illusion that might twist your view on the world. Below we have a stroller that has the three left most wheels on the ground then cleverly the right most wheel group is off of the ground and the shadow for that wheel group is out of place.

Optical Illusion Stroller

Thomas Michael Corcoran
Used w/permission
Copyright 2004

How was this effect created? Was this done with 3-d modeling software. Was it just manipulated in an image processing program like Photoshop? Or could this be some freak of nature, a place where physics is warped and the universe doesn't play by the rules.

Let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

This is definetly a "dinamic" image. If I can say so. The stroller was mooving backwards, and the shot was taken in te a moment thet the front weels were actualy in mid air. It appeares that the wind blowed away the stroller and tipped it over whe it hit the grass line.

Walt said...

You are exactly right.

Well Done!

Anonymous said...

What is actually going on: Both front wheels are off the ground. If the left front wheel were on the ground it would be touching its own shadow... It is actually touching the shadow of the right front wheel.

Anonymous said...

It is simply in a strange point of view where the wheels look like they are going off of the ground. They are actually all on the ground. If u look closely, you can see it yourself.

Anonymous said...

actually the shadow/wheel thing makes sense. becauase the third wheel is up in the air, it would be 'above' the fourth wheel in the shadow, considering the position of the sun.

Anonymous said...

yhe shadow fraks me out man!!

Walt said...

The below comments were previously archived on haloscan.com


Neither of the front wheels is on the ground.

alan | 09.28.05 - 9:33 pm | #


to elaborate: the left shadow is clearly for the left wheel (look at the shadow shape and wheel orientation). The stroller is leaning back on the little red tab on the back of the rear/right wheel group.

At first I didn't see this as an illusion at all, but now if I let my vision relax I can see it.

Josh | Homepage | 09.29.05 - 12:19 pm | #


Alan and Josh you are both obviously right. This was both a visual and word illusion.

I tested this on some faithful readers of the blog and by telling them that 3 wheels were touching the ground they started to think of ways my words could be correct and still come up with these shadows.

They have seen so many images that only look correct from one angle that their minds took over trying to make my words correct.

Well Done to you both.

This photo caught the stroller crashing into the curb and leaning back on two wheels.


Walt | Homepage | 09.29.05 - 5:04 pm | #


You've got some interesting stuff...thats for sure

Matt | Homepage | 10.01.05 - 1:28 am | #


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