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Memorial Day Optical Illusion

In the United States Memorial Day is a day set aside to honor those who have fallen in battle. The below is a photo mosaic of President Bush's face, formed with the images of fallen American soldiers.

The artist had this to say about his Mosaic.

This paragraph is particularly noteworthy:

I'd also like to point out that 'War President' is an image. It is not a textual statement or rhetorical argument. An image is like an empty room and any message that one reads in that room necessarily came in the baggage one carried when one walked in the door.

"War President" Created by the American Leftist
Click image for large version

Here we have a tribute to those who died in support of our country. President Bush has never taken the toll on our service men and women lightly. He lives everyday with the realization that his decision put these young patriots in harms way.

I served in the US Navy for 22 years. During this time I have lost hundreds of crewmates in various accidents and attacks and this was in "peace" not war. These proud Americans served their country knowing that in peace or war they were a target and that there is danger in the very nature of their jobs.

I salute these valiant fallen, young men and women of courage.

I also salute those who raise their voice in opposition to this war. I may not agree with them but I did serve to ensure America remained free and that we all have the right to speak freely.

Years from now when Iraq is secure in it's own freedom, this mosaic may indeed find it's way to a yet to be created museum in Baghdad as a tribute to those freedom fighters who fought and died so the Iraqi people could be free.

It appears that we often forget one small truth, without which we would still be British, Freedom is never free.


Cubluver said...

Interesting that the writer would say freedom is never free, somehow insinuating that the conflict in Iraq is in any way, shape, or form about freedom. Let us call that writer what he is. A brainwashed mouth breather who will never question the propoganda he is spoonfed on a daily basis

Good Lieutenant said...

Besides the fact that that picture is left-wing claptrap (by its own admission) produced for the profit of an individual "artist," the picture itself dishonors the memory of those soldiers pictured. Did they all give the artist permission to be used as pawns in the left-wing hate-Buah campaign? I doubt many of those soldiers were as adamantly anti-Bush as the previous leftwingnut poster or that artist would like to acknowledge.

Other than the questionable judgement of this blog's author who seems to think that this kind of trash "honors" people (think of a mosaic of Hitler, and make it out of the faces of holocaust victims, or of Bin Laden out of the faces of the 9-11 dead), this is a fun blog.

Good Lieutenant said...

Let me adjust my statement to indicate that I'm sure the author is in agreement with me over the justifications and necessity of fighting this heinous enemy, but I still think the selection of this particular picture is a tasteless way to go about honoring the troops.

Thatisall. :-)

Walt said...

Good Lieutenant

How are, "a mosaic of Hitler, and make it out of the faces of holocaust victims, or of Bin Laden out of the faces of the 9-11 dead", these two examples even close to what has been presented here?

From your examples you are saying that you think Bush killed these young soldiers, which I know is not your position.

You make an otherwise fine point.

Tack said...

interesting that his eyes and mouth are minorities.

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