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Description Presented here is a vast gallery of many different forms of Optical Illusions. Whether these optical illusions are conveyed through fractals, photographs, architecture, art, or old fashioned pen and ink, they are bound to remind you that "seeing is not believing."

Caution!!!! Some of the optical illusions on this blog may cause dizziness or possibly epileptic seizures. The latter happens when the brain can't handle the conflicting information from your two eyes. If you start feeling unwell when using this website, immediately cover one eye with your hand and then leave the page. Do not close your eyes because that can make the attack worse.
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Disappearing Color Optical Illusion

I ran across an illusion that purported that if you stared at the center the colors in the image will be represented by shades of gray. The best I could do with that illusion was shades of red. I decided that it missed the mark, but I recalled the Disappearing Fluff optical illusion that did cause colors to vanish into a gray mist. Using the color scheme from that illusion I modified the original image (developed by Ed Minchau) until I succeeded in creating an optical illusion where the colors faded away and all that was left were shades of gray.

Vanishing Color
(c)2007 Walt Anthony

Stare at the center dot (for about 60 seconds from about 12 inches away) and shortly the various colors should blend into various shades of gray. Did this optical illusion work as well for you as it does for me? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Well done!

Anonymous said...

this one is too obvious. prolnged staring scars the retina, creating a negative which is superimposed over your vision and balances out the colord into neutral shades.

Anonymous said...

I saw the shades change no doubt, but I also saw something else not pointed out. The intersecting lines that are vertical and horizontal switch height with the diagonal lines as they intersect and you stare at it for a prolonged period. One moment it appears as if the vertical and horizontal lines are the peaks and the diagonals are the valleys then it changes if you change your gaze momentarily.

Anonymous said...

well done i got down to where all i could see was just white with creases in it

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