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Floating Chain Optical Illusion

Missed it by this much!!!
In the spirit of Maxwell Smart, would you believe...

This photographer came across this interesting display in the home of a 19th century artist. He got down on his belly and managed to snap the photo from such an angle as to not give away how this illusion is accomplished.

What do you think is holding this heavy chain in place?

A thin fishing line? Maybe a strong electromagnet.

While both these ideas have merit the truth is that this chain is being held in place by one of the strongest forces known to man.

Chain Ring
T J Hanlon
Copyright 2004
used w/permission

The photographer T J Hanlon had this to say about this image,
"I took this photo at Olana, the home of 19th Century artist Frederick Church. Church was one of the founders of the Hudson River School of Art, which was known for its dreamy pastoral scenes. I'm always on the lookout for compositions that are out of the ordinary. This is one of my favorites because it makes you look twice. The illusion of weightlessness, by a heavy chain and ring against a solid tile surface, gives the image a surreal feel to it."
See more at his photo gallery.


Anonymous said...


Michael said...

Incidentally, gravity is really quite weak (one of the weakest forces known to mankind). It's just the massive size and close proximity of the Earth that makes it appear strong. In fact, electromagnetism is far stronger than gravity, as evidenced by the fact that you can overcome gravity with fairly weak magnetic forces. You can even temporarily overcome gravity by jumping.

Walt said...

Gravity is correct.

I won't debate how strong gravity is or isn't but it has kept the moon in check for as long as I can remember.

Vurdlak said...

have to agree with michael on this one. gravity belongs to group of "weak forces", while electromagnetism, sub atomic connection forces etc. belong to group of "strong forces".

(it's simple physics: you have to use low amount of force to lift the rock from the ground and defeat gravity, meanwhile if you wanted to remove neutron core, electrons or whatsoever from the rock's atoms, you would need really high force).

Vurdlak said...


every object has it'sown gravity - even you and me. the thing is, it is so low, you can't notice it. the more the mass is, the gravity becomes larger. Having gravity of 9.81 m/SxS is nothin compared to billions of tons the earth weights ;)

sinani201 said...

its not gravity idiots. He put it at a special angel to make it seem like it. if you look at it from another angle something else is holding it up.

rhiannastone said...

I really like optical illusions, but I hate when they don't tell how they did it or what the secret behind the pic is. It really just makes me go crazy.

Rurinho said...

Well, it seems real simple to me... the chain is hanging from the roof and the photo was taken with the camara against the wall facing upwards... At least thats my point of view, alot of houses and castles in portugal use this but mostly the chain goes all the way to the ground so you cant get a shot from under it. i've uploaded a photo from my holiday in Belmonte, Portugal in 2005 where a friend of mine is hanging from one of these chains at the entrance of a castle.

Anonymous said...

it was taken from underneath people! It is soooo simple if you think a little!

Anonymous said...

thats not the only solution. there maybe a magnet holding it up!

Faerie14 said...

Maybe its not even a real chain. Maybe its a solid piece of metal.

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