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Graffiti in the Sky Illusion

This was a truly interesting photo. No digital manipulation, just a straight up old fashioned photograph.

optical illusion
motel illusion
Flickr Artist: źéń
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at Zenography

So how do you think this was accomplished?

The photographer only says this about the image, "Taken from the pool at the Duke Inn, VA".

Now you know what I know. Exactly how was this done?


Anonymous said...

I think that since the camera is underwater, it must've reflected what was written on the bottom of the pool. Am I right? (doubtful...)

Walt said...

I don't know, I think the camera was above the water catching the reflection of the pool shed in the water.

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe that the photo was old...my clue was the tiny specks found above the inn which state that this photo could have been found near dried up paints or so

Anonymous said...

or someone stuck a small sticker on the lens, (remember that old cameras had a large radius lens.) Aligned it up with a cloud and snapped a photo.

Anonymous said...

my mom explained this to me one time, you use an old camera, thos big bulky ones and it has something to do with the speed of it and the shutter. its actually easier than you think.

Kevin said...

like a double exposure.
Note that the pool is empty and that the camera is below where the water should be. Also there is a line above the pool shed that might indicate the edge of something.
A small sticker on the lens wouldn't show up except for a blur.

Anonymous said...

I think that this photo is taken from underwater - with suds or something floating on the surface as the words.

Anonymous said...

there's something covering the pool, like a plastic cover with writing so it just looks like its in the sky when really its on the clear plastic top

Anonymous said...

ok what you all see as the "edge" of the pool is the edge from the other side. the person wasn't IN the pool, they were standing at the edge, near the top of the photo. the edge that appears to be inside the pool is actually the edge OUTSIDE the pool :]

Anonymous said...

he took the pictur from outside the pool looking into the pool and the wrighting is on the bottem of the pool and u see the reflection of the building and other things =)

J-Rod said...

Above is right! Copy and paste to paint and then flip the pic upside down. You will see.

zen said...

i am the photographer, and the last posts are right. It is the upside-down (180 degrees) of a shot taken at the edge of a sorta filthy (and graffiti-filled) pool that has very little water in it. The little amount in the shallow end lets the bottom of the pool show thru and the greater amount at the deep end shows the reflection.

Good job!

Anonymous said...

I think that there was paint on the camera so when u took a pic it would show up in the scene

zen said...

Well, it probably wouldn't show up in focus though, Anonymous. :)


It was obvisly taken from under water and there was patterns and w riting on the pools floor. We aint idiots adn it aint hard to do!

Anonymous said...


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